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Dakota Buffalo Medicine Bag

The "Dakota"

Real American Buffalo Bison Medicine Bag

(Deep Brown Buckskin Elk hide Pouch)
DAKOTA Bison Buffalo Medicine Bag

Shown above with Standard leather strap. Also available w/ Real Buffalo Horn Hairpipe Neck Strap
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This Real Buffalo Bison Medicine Bag is all hand-sewn using Pima Arrow Stitch. Real Buffalo Fur Front Flap is from the Color ranges of Auburn to Deep Black. Pouch is crafted in Deep Brown/ Chocolate Elk hide / Buckskin.
Medicine Bag pouch is available in 3" x 3"  or Personal Prayer Size 2" x 2" pouch
Both with the Hide "smooth side" showing with inner suede flap over edge. Which adds detail and beauty to this hard-to-find authentic Indian collectible.
Neck Strap is approximately 30".
2" x 2" Personal Prayer Size comes with 30" leather strap. 3" x 3" size comes with Black Buffalo Horn Hairpipe with
Sand Tan & Black Glass Crow Beads.
This Buffalo Bison Medicine Bag is ready for you, the new keeper,
to add your own medicine / spiritual items. 
An excellent find for the those:
- whose Animal Spirit is the Buffalo -
- Practicing Shamanism and Healing -
and for Collectors of Real American Buffalo Bison Native American made Craft.

"The Dakota" Real Bison Buffalo Medicine Bag:                 

                       3" x 3" inch pouch with Buffalo Bone hairpipe strap $130

                      2" x 2"  'Personal Prayer' Size standard strap $87


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